Costa Rica


Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go. Costa Rica has been on your must-visit travel list for ages and you’re finally ready to explore. From the bustling capital of San Jose to the steamy volcanoes up North, down to the stunning beaches along the coast. Costa Rica is a land with a vast array of landscapes, with something to please all. But where do you start?

Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the most magical places in the entire world. It’s a natural playground for hikers, surfers, paddle boarders, animal lovers, snorkelers, divers, and anyone who feels happiest in nature. Costa Rica reminds us how it feels to be truly alive.

When it comes to Costa Rica, there is no shortage of blogs and finding that perfect blog can take a lot of clicks and time. The Costa Rica blogs I’ve read through offer a wealth of information from the point of view of either an experienced traveler or local Expat. Getting the perspective of a place through a resident will give you a concise overview of an area with secrets about the destination along the way. From coveted favorite food spots, tucked away waterfalls and tips only an insider can offer.

Situated on the less-frequented Southern Caribbean Coast, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca has an off-grid laid-back island style. Rainforest, beaches, Caribbean food, music, and culture make Puerto Viejo a magnet for adventurous travelers.

With over 763 miles of coastline, Costa Rica has a multitude of little beach towns with unique characteristics and cultures. The following are what we believe to be the nine best beach towns in Costa Rica.

One of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio is high on most traveler’s lists. It’s a winning combination of rainforest, beaches, and wildlife that’s hard to beat. Plus, it’s only a three-hour drive from San Jose international airport. he town of Quepos is recognized as the gateway to the little village outside Manuel Antonio National Park. 

Tortuguero is a small beach town on the Northern Caribbean Coast known for its labyrinth of jungle canals and wildlife. This isn’t your typical lay-out-by-the-beach sort of town. People come to Tortuguero for safari-style excursions in hopes of seeing the famous sea turtle nestings or jungle wildlife like caimans, monkeys, and bird species in the brackish inland waterways. There are no roads in Tortuguero​​​.